UPDATE 2013: Since we wrote this post in 2011 Kinect is still going strong as the number one way to make weight loss fun and easy! One thing has changed though: There are now many more games available for weight loss.

Here is a selection of the current most popular weight loss games!

The original article still has very valid information, so read on!

Welcome to 2011 and welcome to the start of your new years resolutions! For all of you that have picked weight loss as a target of 2011, I have one big weight loss tip for you: get Kinect!

Why Kinect? Well I know for a fact that Kinect makes weight loss fun and easy! Want to know more about losing weight with Kinect? Then check out all the info below!

Kinect: weight loss the fun and easy way

The Kinect sensor, with its super accurate way of tracking your total body, is the perfect tool to create weight loss games. So how to lose weight fast with Kinect? Well there are basically two ways you can go with this (or you can go both ways). The two options you have are:

  1. Play games specifically made for weight loss and follow their weight loss programs
  2. Play ‘normal’ Kinect games that are not specifically made for weight loss, but still make you break a sweat

Kinect Weight Loss Fitness Games

Your shape is the #1 weight loss game!

Currently there are four major games that came out for Xbox Kinect that have been made with weight loss in mind. These games all feature a wide range of fun exercises that make you train specific parts of the body in order to give you a full body workout and make you lose weight fast!

These games all have a ‘personal trainer‘ option too, in which a full body profile will be made of you, and you will exercise daily with a virtual trainer to get the most out of your weight loss program. In addition these games also all have calorie counters, so you can at all times see exactly how many calories you have burned!

The Kinect weight loss games that are currently available are:

Click on the name for more information about these games. We recently picked Your Shape Fitness Evolved even as our 3rd favorite Kinect game of 2010, so we don’t think you can go wrong with that one! Check out a video review of the game below:

Other Kinect Games

Kinect Sports will wear you out!

Then there are the other Kinect games, that are not specifically designed to make you lose weight, but will still give you a great exercise!

Since all Kinect games require the player to move their body to play the game all of the other available Kinect games fall into this category! That’s right, every Kinect game will make you lose weight! Maybe not as quick as the games mentioned in the above section, but they will still make you lose weight!

Examples of games that leave me panting on the floor are:

Dance central even features a calorie counter so you can see how many calories you burn while dancing. Click on any of the game names to get more information about them.

An amazing weight loss story

One of our very own forum members ‘NO SUPER POWERS’ shared the inspiring story of how he lost 3 stone by playing Your Shape Fitness Evolved! You can read his full story here and find out exactly how he did it.

Still not conviced Kinect is awesome for weight loss? Well there is a weight loss challenge going on at the forums in which members share their accomplishments in weight loss with Kinect!

So my conclusion is that if your new years resolution is to lose some weight you can’t possibly go wrong with Kinect: it’s super fun and super easy and offers a wide range of games that will all make you lose weight! If you don’t have Kinect yet go here to check availability and pricing, and go here to find out more about games.

Your Weight Loss Story

Do you have your own Kinect weight loss story to share? Let us know in the comments, or head to our forum in the weight loss challenge section!

Anyway,a happy and fantastic 2011 and I hope everyone will meet there new years resolutions!